5 thoughts on “Waiting For The Bus

  1. Thank you so much Mr. Green….Mrs. Elizabeth’s grandson (my son), and I love your photo of her. Awesome! I will share it with her sometime tomorrow. Again thank you!


  2. Yes, and I the same! My daughter also loved the picture and trust she will leave a comment! One encounter change my perspective and I set an appointment to meet with a potential partner in my homebased business It Works today after getting my eyebrows shaped! and I have approached more folks with renewed confidence, plus I am running for buses and jumping around with renewed energy as well! Don’t forget if you know of anyone who wants to tone, tighten, firm in as little as 45 minutes while achieving a better state of health/wellness back from the inside out and or to get their sexy. Kindly have them visit my facebook fan page “from flab to Fabulous” and or my website: https://likemagicskinnywraps.myitworks.com Thank you!!!


  3. Mr. Green, just wanted you to know that my mom has passed away at age 92! She transitioned peacefully on March 31, 2015, just a few weeks after being placed on home hospice care. Agaom thanks for taking her picture.

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    1. Oh, I am *so* sad to hear that. Looking at her picture makes me smile. I am glad I got to meet her and you. Helps me to appreciate people while we’re still here 🙂


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